dolli melaine

dolli melaine: find your real voice

the voice opening: find your real voice workbook and audio cd by dolli melaine is a culmination of 20 years of exploring, developing and teaching this unique voice opening & tune-up technique. dolli has worked with singers of all styles, public speakers and with many people to heal and revive their natural voice.
you will find an informed storyline on the voice and how it relates to singing, speaking and healing. there is a complete technique section, where each exercise is illustrated in vibrant clear diagrams that directly relate to the audio cd and the sound that is being made. it is a tune-up for the voice/body instrument, working with the breath and the support from your power source to give you the freedom to open, explore and express.
dolli melaine is an author, voice coach, singer/songwriter, performer and yoga/healing instructor, originally from grass valley, california. she teaches private lessons and workshops, in europe and america. she also teaches voice opening, singing and yoga lessons via skype.

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